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Tokyo Halloween Kids Event in Kichijoji

The Kichijoji Halloween Trick or Treat festival is coming soon (10/3 update, tickets are here!). Currently, the 2023 event is in its final stages of planning. The event features trick-or-treating around local businesses in the Kichijoji area. There is also a parade where all the kids can take over a street and walk around in style.

NEW UPDATE as of October 3rd 2023

Tokyo Halloween Kids Event Trick Or Treating Children'S Festival Lexis 帰国子女英会話 And 英語教室

It is one of the few chances in Tokyo to experience a western style Trick or Treating Halloween event. It is especially popular with our students in the K-12 returnee and bilingual courses at Lexis. Lexis has special insight into this trick or treating event because it is hosted by, among others, several of our staff members. They work incredibly hard to put this event together for the local families and the international community. We are incredibly proud of the hard work they do every year!


English information about Halloween Trick or Treating in Tokyo

English information about Halloween Trick or Treating in Tokyo

Lexis has been a proud sponsor of the Kichijoji Halloween Festival for many years and is proud to be offering updates in English about the event as they become available to the public.

Last year this children's event sold out extremely fast.

Because of our connections with the event leaders, we were able to save a few extra tickets just for our students. Even so, we had to turn down many more people because it was just too popular of an event. If you have a chance, get tickets as soon as you can!

Read on to learn how to get tickets!

Event Logo - Lexis Language Center  帰国子女・大人・子供 英会話レクシス吉祥寺 Halloween Trick-Or-Treat Kids Festival Tokyo 2023 Trick Or Treat In Tokyo With Kids! This Popular Childrens Event Held In Kichijoji Sells Out Fast Every Year 👻

The COVID-19 pandemic forced this stand out Tokyo event online for 2020 and 2021, but it was back in part in 2022. This year in 2023, it will be huge!!! People from Mitaka, Shinjuku, Nakano, Setagaya and Nerima will all gather together near Kichijoji station. In order to maintain crowds and keep this event safe, the Halloween Festival event is 100% committed to families and safety. The fact is, this kind of event is very rare in Japan, so they do things in a way that is easy for Japanese people to understand. There are of course rules, restrictions, and processes to follow. Please do read on to make sure you can follow our advice and do everything you need to get tickets to this upcoming event.

Key Information and How to Get Tickets

Key Information and How to Get Tickets

  • The Halloween Festival is being held is Kichijoji, Musashino Japan. This is just a short ride from Shibuya or Shinjuku on either the Inokashira Line or the Chuo Line, respectively.
  • The Event will be held in the days leading up to Halloween, scheduled for Wednesday 10/25 - Sunday 10/29
  • The weekend (October 28th and 29th) are undoubtedly going to be the most popular times and are therefore the hardest times to get tickets
  • There will be a stamp rally, trick-or-treating all days
  • There will be a halloween parade held on Wednesday October 25th, you will need a special ticket to enter the parade
  • The trick or treating requires an adult, kids can't go by themselves!
  • In years past it was as big as 2500 children, but last year it was limited to only 1000 children, assuming things go well in terms of the CoVid-19 pandemic, it will be a much larger event this year. (UPDATE 9/15: The event will be for 5000 people!)
  • The Kichijoji Halloween Festival is a family friendly event designed for elementary school students and younger (Update 9/22: Ages 0-12)
  • Please only buy tickets for your family. There is a limit of 3 tickets per household, and each child attending needs a ticket
  • The event is supported by hard working staff of the not for profit organization Precious Net. They are an organization dedicated to "Empowering moms to shine, while crafting a brighter future for kids!" Find out more about them here!
  • There are photo contests and prizes for people to participate. In 2023 they are doing it again, Instagram posts with the tag #吉ハロフォトコンテスト enter you into a chance to win a variety of Amazon gift cards.
  • With the SDG's in mind, this event has a goal of using minimal plastic
  • Tickets are being sold via Yahoo Passmarket

Some final important information to note:

About Ticket Purchase

  • No refunds or changes can be made for any reason after purchasing the ticket.
  • The event may be unavoidably canceled due to unforseen circumstances. In that case, refunds will not be provided.
  • Weekday tickets are not valid for the candy rally on weekends.
  • Weekend tickets are not valid for the candy rally on weekdays.
  • The necessary participation tickets (stamp cards) for the candy rally and parade will be shipped in mid-October.
  • For details about the event, please contact the Kichijoji Halloween Festa office, not the individual stores.

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How to buy Tickets!

As of October 3rd, the tickets have been released!

Click here for tickets!

To find out the most up to date official information in Japanese click here

For English instructions on how to use the link to buy tickets, please scroll down.

About Event Participation

  • Children cannot participate alone; they must be accompanied by a guardian.
  • The shops cooperating with the candy rally are operating as usual. Please be careful not to disturb other customers.
  • If you are using a stroller, there may be conditions due to location that prevent entry with a stroller.

If you are interested in after school / weekend English classes for your children, please check out our school information page for more information. Thank you!

Lexis Is A Sponser For The Kichijoji Trick Or Treat English Event And Halloween Festival

How to Buy Tickets (In English)

How To Buy Tokyo Halloween Trick Or Treat Kids Event Tickets

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