カナダ、アメリカ、イギリス出身のネイティブスピーカーであるとともに、全員が日本で10 年以上の英会話講師の経験をもっています。したがって、英会話での日本人の弱点も知り抜いており、話題も豊富。多彩なノウハウで、受講生の英会話力をより上のレベルへと導いていきます。

Robin 先生

I grew up on a farm outside a small town in the middle of Canada. In the early 1980's it had a population of around 15,000 people. 
When I was sixteen I drove a pickup truck west, over the rockies and across the water, to Victoria B.C. to what I thought of at the time was a big city. 
I googled "Greater Victoria population" and found that in 2006 it had reached 330,088 people. When I came to Japan in 1987 the daytime population of Tokyo was greater than that of all of Canada! Well, I thought to myself, can't get any bigger than this, so I stuck around for a while.

I enjoy learning new things and think it is important to practice and persevere. I like the Japanese expression about sitting on a rock for three years. If you want to do something and do it well you must put in the time.

I am studying sailing and the guitar (both of which I started in earnest after forty years old). 
Other hobbies include wood work (many of the tables at Lexis are hand built), BBQing (we do a mean BBQ turkey dinner at Lexis's Christmas party) and cycling.

I'm here with my father, Miro, having lunch in the field. My mother drove all the way into town and bought us hamburgers from A&W! Rootbeer is still one of my faves. 

In the summer of 2009, my brother, Andrew, and I passed our Advanced Coastal Skippers course! The next course is Open Water Skipper from Hawaii to Vancouver where I hope to be able to use a sextant and plot my position using the stars!...

I'll have to wait a couple of years before I can get to that one. 

Sometimes people come into Lexis and ask if it is an English school. Yes, it is for the most part. But, on most Fridays after everyone goes home it turns a little bit Country and a lot of Rock'n Roll!

Richard 先生

I thought I would only be in Tokyo for one or two years when I arrived on these shores in 1981, now looking back over the years I wonder where all the time went . 

I have 3 kids, although pretty well grown up now, they are without doubt the things I’m most proud of in my life, they are bilingual, but more than that they are bicultural which is far more difficult to learn. If you see me at LEXIS ask me the difference.

Looking at the list of teachers here Robin, Lexi, Jared, James and Jim... I seem to be the only European representative in a sea of North Americans. I was born and educated in London, England and although I spent many years travelling around the country with my father’s work, other than Tokyo, London is the only other place I can truly call “home”.

This is where I should talk a little about hobbies and interests, but to be honest what with work and family it’s almost impossible to find time for anything else, but I do love to tinker, that is to say play around with or sometimes fix, in my case machines. As a child I was forever getting into trouble for taking perfectly good clocks apart and not being able to put all the bits back again...I no longer do that, but I still have a passion for mechanical wrist watches to this day.

I love anything with wheels bicycles, motorcycles and cars and I’m crazy about F1 car racing I never miss a race and have been an avid fan since I was a child. I also love photography and travelling, whenever I get a chance to return to Europe I split my time between visiting my family and trips to southern Europe where the weather is hot, but not humid like Tokyo is in summer. 

I think a national trait of the British is a good sense of humour and in that way I’m no exception, in life it’s too easy to be serious I can usually see the funny side of most situations and sometimes get into trouble as a result.

Anyway I said earlier that I liked to fix things so if you think your English is “broken” and need help repairing it, I’m your man!

Jared 先生

I was born in Seattle, Washington, USA but I quickly moved to the quiet countryside of Oregon. As I grew up, I got to travel around the US with my parents. Though my friends had the latest fashion trends or electronic devices, and I didn't, I was lucky enough to have a long list of places that I had been. 

Traveling has always been a big thing in my family. The fact that I live far away from home now is probably due to that.

After studying Japanese, English, history and business at the University of Oregon, I moved to Nagano with a one year plan in 2010. Sure enough I fell in love with the Japanese countryside. That love convinced me to stay another year.

I wasn't planning on staying in Japan much longer than two years, but soon after my contract renewal came the disaster that was the 2011 Great Tohoku Earthquake. Despite the tragedy that it was, through seeing the amazing spirit of the Japanese people all coming together, I felt a drive to stay and help out. Since then, I can truly say I'm happy and that I've built a wonderful life here. 

Ever since I was a freshmen in school, I was interested in English education. My first experience involved helping a Japanese student my same age study for the TOEFL test. From that point on, I started meeting regularly with international students all across campus. I truly enjoyed our conversations together, what they taught me about the world, and how big of a place I learned it to be.

I cannot take credit for the hard work my students have put in. They always keep me in awe of how much someone can accomplish when they put their focus onto something. Some top moments for me though as a teacher were as follows:

  1. Watching my first club student I had ever coached for an English speech contest become the prefecture champion. Her efforts really helped me understand the power of motivation. When she was offered a university scholarship, her efforts, literally, had paid off!
  2. Teaching a group of underprivileged countryside high school students and pushing them to participate in English debate at a high level. Such wit and charm from those over-achieving students still brings a smile to my face today.
  3. Having a chance to lead and bond with a homeroom class of junior high school students over three years, and watching them grow academically.
  4. Helping a boy, just 8 years old, accomplish his dream of passing Eiken 2. The pure jubilation I saw on his face when he passed was so vivacious and contagious!
  5. Working with survivors of the Nagasaki atomic bombing. I learned so much from their recounting and their outlook on life, 75 years later.

These days I spend my free time these days keeping up to date with politics and following business news. To stay physically active, I love occasional winter trips for snowboarding, day trip hiking getaways, and attending the local gym here in Kichijoji.

Jim 先生

I am a rare fish from Montreal, Canada: a native English speaker that is. 
There are not so many of us and most of those I grew up with have left Quebec to live in English speaking places.
I came to Japan about 15 years ago after living in Australia for five years.

My hobbies used to mainly be hiking and swimming and dancing to rock and roll. 
Now I am more interested in walking, composing music, butchering pictures in Photoshop, and trying to make money on the stock market.

↑The second picture from the left is me taking a rest after rowing across the Pacific Ocean (actually Inokashira Pond).
The third from the left is a photoshop job as I don’t actually own a tuxedo.
The rightmost was taken in Western Australia before I did a one week hike along the river below me.

James 先生

Originally from Winnipeg, Canada, I moved to Quebec City to study Cultural Anthropology at Laval University…in French! 
I came to Japan way back in 1990 for a" one-year" Working Holiday, but I loved it here so much that I stayed! 
When I'm not teaching university and adult students, I love playing the harmonica and traveling. 

Over the years,I've played harmonica in various bands ranging from blues and rock to electronica and experimental. 
Needless to say, I love ALL kinds of music!

Since I particularly enjoy visiting Asian countries, Japan has been a great base for me to explore many interesting places. Of course, I also like taking trips all over Japan, especially to onsen!

But my favourite place in the whole world is The Lake of the Woods in Ontario, Canada where I have spent every summer since I was born! 

People often ask me why I like teaching. The answer is easy; I enjoy meeting all kinds of people, and they teach ME a lot too!

Lexi 先生

Hi everyone, 
This is Lexi & I'm from the Emerald city; Seattle in the Pacific Northwest. I graduated from the University of Washington, a research university, where I had the exciting opportunity to study and work with several great scientists, including a Noble prize winner in Medicine, while working at HHMI.

I first came to Japan on the JET program after graduation & returned to the US to receive my teaching credentials from Seattle University; Since then I've been developing curricula & teaching English via ICT & E-learning at high school (大阪府教育委員会), Communication & academic presentation skills at university level, & Business English to company staff in Hyogo, Osaka, Hiroshima, & Tokyo.

Before coming to Japan & teaching, I worked in IT; first for a French gaming company & then at my local tech company, Microsoft, where I focused on HCI human factors & usability aspects of software and hardware. 

I guess I've had a bit of an unconventional upbringing, as I grew up on a mix of French, German, & Japanese Media & international travel has been a big part of my life. I attended French immersion Kindergarten & my first trip abroad was at the age of 9 across the Asia Europe bridge: the transcontinental country of Turkey! It was an amazing chance to visit the most populated city of the world, where East meets West & I could enjoy wonderful new experiences & unique fruits & spices like pomegranates & saffron.

I like traditional & modern Japanese art & architecture & am a big fan of Japanese gardens & onsens. I also greatly appreciate Japan's MottaiNai movement & Zero-waste city projects, as well as its great customer service, fine craftsmanship, high quality products, & great attention to details. I also appreciate Japan's orderliness & focus on humanism via an emphasis on good manners & community awareness. These are just a few of the reasons why I like Japan & keep coming back.

My volunteering & community service activities are focused on ecology for environmental protection, art, & public health & fitness. I believe health & fitness are important for studying & learning well. So, I like being active & enjoy various sports, such as hiking, bicycling, roller blading, dance, skiing, golf, tennis, etc. I've a fitness training license & have coached kids sports & teen fitness in US summer camps.

I like meeting many people & enjoy speaking on a wide variety of topics; in fact, I was once given the congeniality award for WA state pageant by contestants' vote, but I couldn't win any of the talent contests! LOL

I don't have any musical abilities, but I enjoy classical music, especially wind & string instruments, like the piano, harp, & O'koto, as well as the flute, along with digital music (i.e. German Krautrock). I also like fashion, especially French Rococo era & Japanese Kimono, because they're quite perfect for fun tea time chat! (So, I'd much appreciate it if you would introduce me to your favorite cafe or tea room.) I like wearing lots of bows, pearls, full-brimmed hats, & French berets. 

I'm a vegetarian teetotaller & my favorite Japanese foods are O'tofu & ume-boshi: Ume-shiso hoso-maki is my top favorite sushi! I like Temple food (精進料理), veggie Obanzai (おばんざい), Chinese Imperial vegetarian cooking, Italian fare, & Tex-Mex, especially avocados. 

People are surprised to hear that I ride motorcycles (750cc Suzuki SVR-S), drive  sports cars (Porsche), have a scuba diving license (Open water: Thailand & US), & have jumped out of an airplane (skydiving).

Daniel 先生

I’m originally from America, though I’ve lived in six states, four countries, and I’ve moved over 30 times. Despite this, I’ve finally decided to settle down in Tokyo! After moving to a small countryside village in Nagano, I fell in love with Japan and its people. 

I lived in Yasuoka-mura, a tiny farming village for one year before moving to Ina City to teach English. During my years there, I taught both junior high school and high school English. I had the privilege of teaching and coaching English debate at Ina Kita High School, where our team took 2nd or 3rd place in the All Japan High School English Debate Association (HEnDA) tournament every year for three years straight. Our team even went abroad to the World Schools Debating Championship twice! 


I have been teaching, coaching and tutoring English for many years in Japan and enjoy helping my students succeed and become proficient in the English language. 

When I’m not teaching, actually, I am a professional artist and illustrator. Beyond that, you’ll find me outdoors- either hiking, snowboarding, camping, or in a climbing gym somewhere in Tokyo! I also love any form of art, reading books, and creating beautiful aquariums. Additionally, I quite enjoy volunteering. I actually volunteered five times in Tohoku after the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake, where I was once again awed by the spirit and dedication of the Japanese people. 

I look forward to working with you and helping you (or your children) succeed on the journey to become successful in your English life!

(Just be prepared to see many, many photos of my cats and aquariums!)