About Lexis Mitaka

With nearly 30% of our students coming from Mitaka, we are happy to serve Mitaka City








私たちは、自分たちで考え続けてきた方法で、自分たちが思い描くとおりに英会話を学んでもらえる、自分たちの学校がほしかったのです。レッスン料も3 カ月ごとの学期制にするなど、いつでも生徒さんのことを考えて工夫しています。



We Love Mitaka 三鷹英会話レクシス吉祥寺

レクシスランゲージセンターは、幼児からシニアまで、あらゆる年代の方に学んでいただける英会話学校です。帰国子女コース、幼児コース、小中高生コース、大学生、大人の方の為の様々なレベルのコース、 プライベートで、英検、TOEFL, TOIEC, IELTS, 受験対策、個別のご要望にも対応しております。 また、実用英語技能検定(英検)の準会場となっており、いつもの環境でのご受験が可能です。 受講生の皆さまの、「聴く、話す、読む、書く」の総合的な英語力の向上を楽しみながら達成していただくことを、講師一同目指しております。 カナダ、アメリカ、イギリスなどの英語圏出身の全ての講師は英語教師として10年以上のキャリアがあり、日本人スタッフがサポートしております。 レクシス英会話三鷹と吉祥寺は、武蔵野で25年あまり、3世代のご家族にもご愛顧いただいている実績のある英会話スクールです。


Mitaka Language School

Lexis Language Center is an English Language School near Mitaka, Tokyo Japan.

Lexis specializes in English education for all ages. Perhaps our most popular classes are our returnee and bilingual children's courses in Tokyo. We help students of all ages, backgrounds, and nationalities learn, develop, and master English.

We believe that learning seriously while continuing to have fun is the most important thing. Lexis Language Center was founded over 25 years ago by dedicated teachers who continue to teach at Lexis, inspire, and help students grow to this very day.

Our teachers include, certified teachers from the United States, university professors, former elementary, middle, and high school teachers, former major conversation school teachers, and international debate coaches. All teachers have at least ten years of teaching experience, but the average is closer to 25 years. Regardless, teachers are continuously adding new knowledge and skills to their teaching.

At Lexis we wanted a school of our own, where people could learn English the way they wanted to learn it and the way we had always thought it should be taught. We are always thinking about our students, and we are always trying to make things better.

Nothing inspires us more than to see our students succeed. We have a great time together. Here at our English school, Lexis Language Center, we are very at-home. We know you will feel at-home here too.

We help struggling returnee students feel comfortable, help bilingual students advance their skills, and help native level students challenge themselves to achieve their goals. Finding you the perfect class is our expertise. We've been doing this right around the corner from Inokashira Park in Mitaka for over a quarter of a century. We'll help you too!

三鷹駅から8分 (吉祥寺駅から徒歩で4分) 

We are located 8 minutes from Mitaka Station. Take the train one stop from Mitaka Station to Kichijoji Station. We are next to Tokyu Department Store in Musashino.