100%! All Lexis Students pass Eiken Interview! 100%: 英検二次試験に挑戦した21人の生徒全員が合格しました!

I am super excited to announce that 100% of the Lexis students who tried the second interview phase of Eiken passed! Over the past few months we have been working extra hard with students, both in classroom time, and during private lessons. We have been supporting our students in the classroom as much as possible. The reality is this test is administered by Eiken, so our teachers cannot go with students to the test. We can only cheer them on and encourage the best habits possible. We tried to give students as much advice as possible. Well it is truly an honor to say that all of our students passed!

吉祥寺英検レクシス合格した - Lexis Language Center  帰国子女・大人・子供 英会話レクシス吉祥寺 100%! All Lexis Students Pass Eiken Interview! 100%: 英検二次試験に挑戦した21人の生徒全員が合格しました! I Am Super Excited To Announce That 100% Of The Lexis Students Who Tried The Second Interview Phase Of Eiken Passed! Over The Past Few Months We Have Been Working Extra Hard With Students, Both In Classroom Time, And During Private Lessons. We Have Been Supporting Our Students In The Classroom As Much As Possible. The Reality Is This Test Is Administered By Eiken, So Our Teachers Cannot Go With Students To The Test. We Can Only Cheer Them On And Encourage The Best Habits Possible. We Tried To Give Students As Much Advice As Possible. Well It Is Truly An Honor To Say That All Of Our Students Passed!



吉祥寺で3週間80分3回英検®ショートコース  お申し込みはこちら 当講座では、一般の生徒と帰国子女の生徒が一緒に英検®の勉強をします。講師は、日本語も話せる北アメリカ出身のネイティブスピーカーです。…

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