Lexis @ Team Lab Planets! 11月23日 One Day Camp

On November 23rd, due to popular demand, we are heading back to Team Lab Planets! 豊洲にある『team Lab Planets TOKYO […]

帰国子女とは Questions and Answers: Returnee (Kikokushijo) Students 質問と回答 帰国子女について in 2023

Questions and Answers: Returnee 帰国子女 (Kikokushijo) Students:
Throughout Lexis and its more than 25 years of teaching returnee students, we have learned a lot. Time and time again we have answered questions and passed on advice. The following is a short guide and FAQ to 帰国子女 (kikokushijo), or returnee students. We hope through our writing and our classes, we can help provide the best education for you and your family!