Weekend and After School English Program for 2024 at Lexis Kichijoji Tokyo

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Tokyo English School After School and Weekends

Lexis provides a complete K-12 English program that helps students reach their full potential in English proficiency.
The English program is paced at the same standard as western and international schools, and is based on age and ability internationally, not what students in Japan are doing. The Lexis coursework is designed to be done in tandem with Japanese public or private education. Our school focuses on returnee students, international families, and bilingual speakers. We have been guiding students as young as 2 all the way into university for nearly 30 years. Many of our original students are now sending their children to us, looking for the same results.

帰国子女英語 バイリンガル英語教室コース

English Lessons for Bilingual Children

The reason we we have second and third generation students is trust. For nearly 30 years we have been part of the community. We don't accept untrained teachers or inexperienced staff. Additionally, students of Lexis rarely have a teacher leave on them, with an average time at Lexis of 16 years rather the "eikaiwa" average of 2, our teaching staff remains committed to Lexis, committed to our students, committed to this community, and committed to results!


English Reading Writing and Spelling

Our K-12 system allows students in Japan to read, write, spell, speak and listen to the same level of content their peers in North America are studying in their English classes. That ensures a smooth transition wherever you are, or may go. This incudes high level prep courses for entering universities outside of Japan as well as in country.

Bilingual Confidence with English

Lexis is a once a week, after school or weekend class-based lesson. While we do teach high level English at Lexis, a lot of our best efforts go into motivating, building confidence and creating language tendencies within our classrooms. We find that this delivers the best results outside of the classroom as well. The coursework is paced in a manner where it should be done throughout the week. That means students attending Lexis will be asked to spend about 10-20 minutes a day on course work, 3-5 days a week. This ensures that English skill acquisition is maintained on a daily, rather than weekly basis.

Returnee And Bilingual Course At Lexis

Please consider trying out a lesson at one of our free trial lessons. We offer them year round. All students are welcome to come in for a level check to help students and parents find the best suited lesson. Students will then be able to join a lesson at no charge. They will see their actual teacher, real homework, and their actual classmates. Hopefully you will find Lexis a good fit for you and your family. If not, we promise not to chase you down, make you subscribe to any list or jam your inbox full of nonsense! Thank you from Lexis.

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